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Capital Technology Partners is a Wisconsin-based company that supports State human services programs and their automated systems. Within human services, we have a unique competency in the area of the child support enforcement programs of Tribal Nations.

We have worked with several States and Tribal Nations to guide Tribes through the process towards achieving federal comprehensive status so that all children benefit from this important program. Some specific services we offer include the following. (The specific services required will depend on the process stage of the individual tribes)

  • Assist in developing and negotiating cooperative agreements between States and Tribes;
  • Develop Memorandum of Understanding between Tribes and State;
  • Lead workshops to help State staff better understand the unique nature and challenges of Tribal CSE;
  • Evaluate existing Tribal Code against final regulations for (45 CFR Part 309) and draft new Tribal Code;
  • Analyze current Tribal child support Policy and Procedures Manual and develop new Manual, legal documents, and other required forms;
  • Assist Tribes to establish measurable performance standards; implement a user-friendly Tribal Quality Assurance Plan; conduct quarterly QA reviews; evaluate findings; and develop corrective action plans;
  • Train Tribal Court and CSE Staff;
  • Assist in developing Community Awareness and Outreach Materials about the Tribal child support program;
  • Assist with reports including Tribal child support enforcement Annual Report and Funding Requests

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