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Capital Technology Partners is a company that hires selectively and invests in employee development based on our clients' needs and our plan for growth. We are looking for talented individuals who share our core beliefs.

BUSINESS CONSULTANTS with energy and a zeal for learning and applying knowledge to solve our clients' problems and support their projects.

HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES EXPERTS who have made a career out of public service and wish to develop the consulting skills necessary to transfer their hard-earned lessons to other clients in other locations.

TECHNOLOGISTS that are creative, knowledgeable and constantly learning.

If you are interested in joining our team, send us a note and let us know a little about yourself - what you have done and what you would like to do with your career.

Independent Consultants

Capital Technology Partners believes that independent consultants are vital to successful government projects. Their specialized skills, mobility, and wide array of project experience make them vital contributors to any team. If you are an independent consultant and would like to work with us to help market your skills and find your next project, send us a note along with your resume and keep us up to date on your availability.

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