Supporting Tribal Nations for Child Support Enforcement

Capital Technology Partners, based in Wisconsin, specializes in supporting state human services programs and their automated systems, with a unique focus on enhancing child support enforcement programs within tribal nations. We have extensive experience working with various states and tribal entities, guiding tribes towards achieving federal comprehensive status to ensure all children benefit from these critical programs.

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Tailored Services

Our comprehensive range of services is tailored to meet the specific needs of individual tribes at various stages of the process. These services include:

  • Assisting in developing and negotiating cooperative agreements between states and tribes.

  • Developing a Memorandum of Understanding between tribes and states.

  • Leading workshops to enhance state staff understanding of the unique challenges of Tribal Child Support Enforcement (CSE).

  • Evaluating the existing tribal code against federal regulations and drafting a new tribal code.

  • Analyzing the current Tribal Child Support Policy and Procedures Manual and developing new manuals, legal documents, and required forms.

  • Assist tribes in establishing measurable performance standards, implementing user-friendly quality assurance plans, conducting quarterly reviews, evaluating findings, and developing corrective action plans.

  • Training tribal court and CSE staff.

  • Developing community awareness and outreach materials about tribal child support programs.

  • Assisting with reports, including tribal child support enforcement annual reports and funding requests.

Heartfelt Commitment

Contact us today at Capital Technology Partners to learn more about how we prioritize serving children and families in need. We are dedicated to humanizing our work, ensuring that our technology and programs serve their best interests. Let's collaborate to make a meaningful impact on society's most vulnerable members.